Lippincott living

Located at 56 Lippincott Street at the meeting point between three vibrant and diverse Toronto neighbourhoods, Lippincott Living is a new eight-townhome in-fill development designed for young and young-at-heart urban dwellers. Distinguished by a sharp modern look, sensible open-concept interiors and design elements that are soft on the environment, these unique, limited-edition residences reflect the wants, needs and concerns of contemporary urban residents.


Each 2,000-sq.-ft. Lippincott Living unit is built using an advanced structural system that employs prefabricated components—wood frames and precast concrete—which speed up construction times, reduce waste and provide greater quality control. Each home is a high-performance building designed to withstand the elements and maximize local climate conditions—retaining warmth in winter and cool air in summer—to reduce energy consumption.

sustainable design

Lippincott Living has been carefully crafted to work in harmony with its native environment. We use smart materials and creative design elements that interact with and respond to changing climate conditions to keep your home both energy efficient and karmically balanced.


  • south-facing windows that provide year-round sunlight and warmth (and overhangs that offer welcome shade come summer)
  • cross-ventilation for shoulder-season cooling
  • "living roofs" that help insulate, heat and cool the home, dampen street noise, and filter air and rainwater
  • smart finishes throughout that retain warmth in winter and stay cool in summer



intelligent design

We believe a home is more than a place to store your things. Living space is meant to be lived in, after all. To that end, each 2,000-sq.-ft. Lippincott Living unit has been meticulously designed—detail by detail—to fit your life, not the other way around.


  • elegant, streamlined designer interiors free of superfluous elements and filled with natural light
  • indoor and outdoor areas are complementary and synergistically linked
  • practical integration of storage and service areas with ample social space
  • sophisticated, subdued colour palettes that blend easily with any décor style



urban living

A true home extends well beyond the front door—the places you work, play, eat, dance, laugh and listen are extensions of your address. We scouted many different locations across the city for this project, but none could match the vibrancy, intimacy and vitality offered by 56 Lippincott St. Welcome to the community!


  • proximity to three distinct, unique neighbourhoods: eclectic Kensington Market, vibrant Little Italy and the erudite Annex
  • broad mix of residential, retail, entertainment and social spaces within walking distance of your front door
  • live harmoniously within and belong to an organic and diverse community
  • ground-level living offers direct connection to the rewarding flavours, sensations and rhythms of city life—something you don’t get from a high-rise condo tower